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We specialize in producing thermoformed paperboard trays.
The advantages of our products are numerous:

  • Lower cost alternative to CPET
  • Easier film seal, AND allows for the use of much less expensive lidding films
  • No cracking under low temperatures
  • Four color graphics lets you print you unique message, logo, cooking instructions,
  • ingredient lists, etc.
  • Made from over 90% renewable resources
  • Recyclable
  • We have coatings that are also 100% biodegradable and compostable


We have the capability of working with nearly any caliper SBS or SUS paperboard substrate, utilizing various extrusion coatings and laminations to achieve the reconstitution and bake-off results you need.

Sizes and Shapes

From dessert cups to the largest pizza trays and everything in between, we have a large array of stock solutions. Squares, rectangles, rounds, whether shallow or deep…give our sales department a call and we can provide guidance, samples and pricing to improve your margins.

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