Investing in the Future

Sustainability as a value is shared by many individuals and organizations who demonstrate this value in their policies, practices, and everyday operations. At PaperTech, we believe in meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. We recognize that adopting sustainable practices, whether large or small, can have significant impacts in the long run.

All dual-ovenable paperboard trays manufactured by Pressed Paperboard Technologies are produced with raw materials from Sustainable Forestry Initiative, and Forest Stewardship Council, certified sustainable forestry sources.

All pre-consumer waste from our suppliers of paperboard and our production facility is recycled.

Our PET coated products are considered environmentally friendly and are made from 90% or greater renewable and sustainable materials. Ninety percent of the structure is fully biodegradable. In addition, our products are suitable for recycling where post-consumer sorting is available. Our post-consumer trays do have value to recyclers. The fiber can be recycled for use in everything from tissue to insulation and building materials.

Our new poly free ovenable trays are recyclable, re-pulpable and industrial compostable to the TUV Austria EN13432 standard.

Our uncoated products are recyclable, repulpable and biodegradable.

Our current PET extruded and uncoated SBS structures are significantly less fiber than molded pulp trays and require less energy to produce than other fiber structures. We can fit more trays per pallet and truckload than plastic or molded fiber trays. All our substrates and trays are manufactured domestically.

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