"This is the type of action that really cements relationships. It communicates that you and PPT care about our success." - Sept 2015

We're EXPERTS in Frozen Food Packaging

We maintain a large inventory of a great number of stock food trays in ALL sizes, shapes and print patterns.

If you are looking for paperboard trays suitable for use in microwave and/or conventional ovens, chances are we have exactly what you need! If not, we are ready to design custom trays per your exact specification.

Sustainable Solutions from Renewable Resources

Our products are environmentally friendly and
are made from 90% or greater renewable and sustainable materials. Our suppliers are certified by both the Sustainable Forestry Institute and the Forest Stewardship Council.

In addition, our products are suitable for recycling where post-consumer sorting is available. If necessary, we can assist you in developing pilot programs to make recycling a reality in your community.

We Build Custom Solutions

We have years of EXPERIENCE in designing and creating CUSTOM solutions for your packaging needs. We love new ideas. If you need something new and unique, we're happy to design, test and produce something precisely tailored to your requirements.

We can help develop “turnkey solutions”. You benefit by reduced R&D time, shortened “learning curve” on equipment and by efficiently pairing your product with cost effective packaging ideas.