Hit Your Sustainability Goals

Sustainability isn't just a trend.
It's the future of packaging.

With more and more single-use plastic overloading our landfills, people are looking for other options. As pioneers in paperboard packaging, we always strive to find new solutions for modern challenges.


By offering high-performing paper trays and product development support to help our customers meet their sustainability goals and stay ahead of regulations. That's because our recyclable trays are produced with raw materials from sustainable sources.

Markets Served

Flexibility for Frozen Food

Our dual-ovenable paperboard trays offer the stability and moisture holdout to maintain product quality for frozen foods. Available in several shapes and sizes, our recyclable packaging can durably handle everything from fried chicken and french fries to meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

Whatever You Need, We Can Make it.

Our customizable, dual-ovenable packaging can be designed to meet your size and shape. But that's not all. Add your branding, color scheme and even nutritional labels!

Getting your perfect paperboard tray is easy with PaperTech.

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