Environmentally-Friendly Trays

Hit Your Sustainability Goals

We deliver more than just environmentally-friendly trays.

Our decades of experience make us the right packaging supplier to help you navigate changing consumer preferences and new regulations and adopt paperboard trays with minimal disruption to your production.

Our paperboard trays are manufactured with raw materials from Sustainable Forestry Initiative, Forest Stewardship Council, certified sustainable forestry sources, making them recyclable and compliant with packaging regulations. While all our trays are recyclable, check local guidelines for recycling in your area.

We stay ahead of the curve and are leading the industry toward
100% sustainable packaging
– something many consumers want to see from their favorite brands.

Our dual-ovenable paperboard trays are:

Recyclable, repulpable and compliant with packaging regulations and engineered to handle the rigors of the entire product lifecycle.

Manufactured with raw materials from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and Forest Stewardship Council – certified sustainable forestry sources.

Made from renewable resources, compared to plastics made from non-renewable petrochemical products.

Eco-friendly to produce, requiring less fiber and energy to manufacture, compared to molded pulp.

With PaperTech, you can take advantage of environmentally-friendly packaging that positions your company for a sustainable future.